Orange boat in a blue ocean

Many years ago, I worked for my parents who own a video production company. Because it is a family business, you inevitably end up wearing...

Impact of Industry 4.0

With the new tech era that we are living in the last years, traditional manufacturing is surrounded by new ways and resources to transform...

Reliability with 3D printing

Additive manufacturing is 3D printing applied to industrial sector. It consists in building 3D objects, adding layer-upon-layer of material.

The Future of Steel Products

So why use a normalized product to all the length of the product? And why not use a different section and dimension for each stress state?

Costs of poor design

The short-term thinking in engineering services and design is having a great impact on society, with the loss of many millions of euros.

Ariane 6

Slefty is working on the structural analysis of the EFF (ESR Finish Facility) and its integration with all the mechanical equipment’s