Engineering solutions that bring real impact to business

Structural Analysis

From products and parts to big structures

We develop disruptive structural solutions that go beyond regulations. Working for the industrial and construction market, we have different optimization approaches towards our client’s goals.

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Manufacturing Engineering

Analyze and simulate industrial plants to optimize production

For a new factory or an existing one, we analyze and simulate processes to optimize the entire system, reduce investment and raw materials, maximize resources, and lower investment risk.With this data, we are able to design the best plant layout.

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Products and Services Development

Enhance products competitive advantage in their value chain

At Slefty we live and breed innovation so we not only develop innovative products and services for our clients but also use our market insights to develop in-house products and services to be placed on the market

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Our approach to engineering builds on efficiency and innovation to bring relevant solutions to a broad range of industries.


Efficiency is in our internal culture and way of working. This leads to an optimization in all we do and a greater financial output for our industrial and construction clients.

Greater Product Reliability

A holistic view to the products and services that we develop leads to different variations in design, manufacturing, and operation. The result is a wide range of scenarios that give safety and reliability to the development.

Higher Innovation

We smile at impossibilities because we know there is always a way around the impossible.

Risk Minimization

Starting from the feasibility and going through the design, engineering, operation, and maintenance, we are always aware of operational and corporate risk.


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