Orange boat in a blue ocean

20 years ago we heard every businessman saying that we want to be the best ones doing X a Y. People were used to create a product or a service and continue with the same product or service for many years. The initial success makes people blind about the trends and market evolution and after some years, when the markets start to be very competitive, the main thought began to be “we want to be the best ones”.
Now we live in an era where to grow a well-established business, we need to be different from the crowd, not the best ones in the crowd. This is why people start to think and hear very often the words innovation and intrapreneurship. Selling the same product or service year after year is something that will no longer exist and that’s why product and services development is a “must have” in every company.
If you look around you, every successful business and persons rely on their strategy in a positive and relevant differentiation. Kodak was the best company producing photographic film but notice, who needs photographic film now? Apple doubled his sales in one year, after launching iPod, breaking up with more than 20 years focused on PC’s.
It’s not easy to upgrade your products and services or create new ones, to be different from the competitors, without changing the image and feelings that people outside the company have from it. Yes, it’s risky. You need to invest and probably find some problems in your path. You need to think outside your usual state of mind and perhaps de-allocate some resources from your successful product that is your primary source of revenue.


Business is all about that, create or upgrade something to place on the market. When you stop doing that, you stop your growing path and enter in a peaceful and survival situation.