The world is going digital, but we continue to live in a physical world. People are using technology and internet more and more but forget the physical things that are around us and give us all our life support.

It’s a reality and we can’t ignore it. I&T is getting deeper into our lives and we must find ways to have the most of it. And why don’t mix the digital world with the physical world? There is much development around that in matters like augmented reality and virtual reality, to place our real world into the digital world. It looks like top technology but 15 years ago the game second life already did something similar but without our real world (In the game we have an avatar that can move everywhere in the game world and interact with other avatars/real people). And if they put our world in the game and people interact each other within the game? And if the real/digital world has an extremely precise accuracy?

Now we have equipment that can scan things around us, in 3D, with more accuracy than the millimeter. We use that to put objects inside computer models to work on them, print them and see them in the virtual world. Can you imagine if instead of objects we put a Factory? And if it’s not a factory but the entire city? The 3d scan is a reality and has the potential to transform our real world into digital with very much accuracy.

Having all the physical world in an AI database is a very powerful resource. Imagine if you want to know the distance that you need to consider between toxic waste reservoirs. The AI can give you the average in different types of industries or according to the plant size. And if you want to know the height of a pipe rack with 20 meters. It can give you the average according to different pipes densities or sizes and the structural sections dimensions. Behind these examples is the principle of, if someone has already analyzed and studied something similar, why not start from this base and save resources. In the future, this will be possible for all the physical things placed within the digital world.

The future will bring a virtual world where we can suggest designs for machines, plant layouts or even cities developments, but we will only suggest because there will be smart software with built-in AI that can give powerful and important designs according to all digital world that it can access.