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Academic to Professional Crossover: Insider Look


If you're approaching your graduation, or you know someone who is, this will be for you. Specially in Engineering.


We've stumbled across an important discussion. And realising a lot of our audience are students, we felt we needed to share our say in it. We're talking about the transition from student life in the University to working.




To you who are graduating, there are three main things we would like for you to know:


 1. Working will require you to deal with people and challenges outside your confort zone.


This can be scary, but it can also be a great learning opportuniy. It's mostly up to you but it's also influenced by your mentor. In many cases and companies, you'll not find an assigned mentor, let alone a skilled one.

Being a young company, you can count on Slefty to have that covered. We know where you're coming from and your difficulties. You won't carry the load alone. You don't need to know everything. We're here to teach you, each step of the way. You'll learn to integrate your problem-solving with teams of many people from different specialties and sociodemographic backgrounds.


2.  You'll really need to think.


No, not make all calculations. But sharpen and use your critical sense to set up solutions that you not only make sense but be the most cost-effective. And you'll struggle with some things that are demanded by the clients as you've never dealed with them. That's fine. At Slefty we value the client but we also value you, and understand where you're coming from. Healthy compromises are always at reach.


3. Many things will not meet your expectations.


Probably a little bit more of work reality is missing from university life. Things will not be as simple as you may think. Nor as easy. Be humble. Be realistic. But never settle. Slefty is exactly here to set out better ways of getting the work done. And we want you to join with the same spirit.

Yes, there will be hardships and sometimes having a good stamina is just what is required. Yet, you're always welcomed and encouraged to provide your suggestions and recommendations. Your ideas matter, and we're here to listen aswell. Above all, keep it fun!


Check what our team has discussed on the subject, on the video below. It has a special feature at the end!




How about you? Tell us what you think about this, as a student or as a professional, in the comment section!

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