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Expert Advise for Hangar Extension Made Easy


SLEFTY travels often to France, integrating interdisciplinary teams for greater-size projects.


One of our newest endeavours was for Dassault Falcon Service in Paris and we're about to take off from excitement!  ✈️

Hangar H3 in Le Bourget Airport

The mission: increase the maintenance area of Hangar H3, located in Le Bourget airport. 

Why: this increase will enable the simultaneous maintenance of four Falcon 6X, 7X OR 8X aircrafts or three of the future Falcon "NX". Max efficiency!

In the past, this area only allowed maintenance for Falcon 900, smaller in size than Falcon "NX", soon to be launched, 35 meters long, 33 meters wingspan and 9 meters high. This boy definitely needs space!

To make this happen, the building extension was built  with approximately  1800m2 , 100m wide and 18m long.

SLEFTY was responsible for the structural design of this extension. With our signature, it was possible to create a free flat interior maintenance space.


The extension features two truss beams with approximately 100 meters of span, and 9 meters maximum height, which support the new extension and the existing building.

Considering all mechanical elements attached to the new structure, the deformations of the new structure had to be very limited and the use of camber was necessary in the large lattice elements.

This work enabled Dassault Falcon Service to increase its serviceability in the H3 hangar and to maintain its new aircraft maintenance in the same space as the others, saving logistics and making the hangar usable for another decade or more!


We love Engineering that makes things easier! How about you?

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