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Eiffel Tower- North Lift


 To support all the usage and activity that Eiffel Tower has along the years, a lot of maintenance needs to be scheduled and done. The lifts which support all the commercial activity of the Tower also needs maintenance. Since 2008, the lifts renovation has started and now it’s time for the north lift of the Tower.

The tower has six lifts, four from the ground until de second floor and two from the second floor to the top. The lifts started their work in 1889 but in 1899 they were renovated. In 1910 the north and south lifts were installed.

The lifts carry an average of 110 persons per travel and do 130 travels per day. The passenger cabin is carried by a trolley at the top and their motion is caused by a hydraulic high-pressure circuit in the basement, which was replaced in 1986.

The renovation works will comprehend the replacement of all the transport vehicle, counter-weight, trolley, a structure that supports the counter-weight, springs, electric transformers and other electric and controlling parts. There will be carried also the reinforcement of the counter-weight travel path. To carry on all these works, some auxiliary structures and platforms must be created and placed on site, so it is possible to work in all the height until the second floor of the tower. This works must be done to comply with all the new regulation that exists in the lifts market and all the security measures necessary.

Slefty is supporting the structural design of all the auxiliary work platforms that will also lift all the equipment up to the top. Those auxiliary structures need also to be connected to the tower, in a non-evasive way, and Slefty is also doing their best to avoid any damage on the tower or avoid any structural problem on the historic elements of the Tower.

The new lift will be working at the beginning of 2021.

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