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Slefty's newest release has arrived and it's called IBAS! 


It's the online software that provides you your steel structure weight and sections, using only simple questions and no more than 5 minutes.


When a client askes for a portal frame building budget without a structural design, all small to medium size companies have only two options: use the team's internal resources or its experience to set some steel sections in order to build a total building weight. Time is money and these options are burning both, unnecesarily, sometimes taking a whole day. 

For worse cases, an external engineer is hired. So uncalled for!


IBAS gives you all weight measurements of the structure and the steel profiles to be used.

With easy questions, like building dimensions and location, IBAS returns a full list of structure quantities so every steel company can have support data to build the structure budget. IBAS is designed to be used by every person related to the budgeting, even if it’s not from the technical team.


After our comparison between the designs of experienced engineers and IBAS, we achieve an average of -1,4% less weight in IBAS. Compared to unexperienced engineers the difference  becomes huge. IBAS is a tool for every sized company, with a major positive impact on internal resources optimization.

For this intent, IBAS is the best tool on the Portuguese and French markets.


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